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American Airlines From Seattle, US is looking for a *Customer Service Manager - DOT!

Company Name: American Airlines Job Location: Seattle, US Job Date: 8/28/2014 12:12:23  Job Type: Full Time  Category: Customer Service 
Job Summary
There are five major job responsibilities for Customer Service Managers:
Provide Quality Service and Achieve Superior Customer Satisfaction
Resolve customer service and operational problems during tour of duty
Work in operation during peak or irregular periods
Spend majority of time in the operation, interacting with customers and employees
Prepare customer correspondence
Use cross-functional teams to generate and implement quality improvement ideas
Evaluate team performance through corporate quality control measurements, such as observations, CSI feedback, CSA data and customer complaints and compliments
Meet Profitability and Cost Control Goals
Develop and monitor budgets and spending
Actively seek cost reduction ideas
Monitor lost time and administer the Attendance Control Policy
Ensure Compliance with all Operations, AA Safety, FAA and Other Government Requirements during Tour of Duty
Investigates discrepancies and compiles statistical data for compliance purposes
Write delay analysis and irregularity reports and complete OS1 documentation
Provide Team Members with Fair and Equitable Treatment
Coach and counsel personnel and provide guidance to team on customer service and performance issues
Conduct performance reviews for team members on a regular basis
Document employee performance using Peak Performance through Commitment (PPC)
Encourage employee teamwork to generate and implement individual and team's best ideas
Respond to employees' professional and personal issues
Conduct investigations and Boards of Inquiry (BOI) and, when necessary, dismiss employees for performance or attendance issues
Run an Effective Operation
Communicate with managers, peers and team members, both within their immediate department, as well as with other departments
Administer company policies and procedures
Provide team with necessary tools, resources and training to meet or exceed all operational performance goals
Involve all team members in determination of operational improvements
Coordinate operation including scheduling, hiring, training, inventory, etc.
Must be able to lead and motivate employees in working as a team
Must be decisive and be able to work under demanding operational conditions in a stressful environment
Must have excellent oral and written communication skills, leadership, initiative and judgment
Must demonstrate strong administrative and analytical abilities
Must be willing to work outdoors in any weather conditions in accordance to AA Safety Guidelines
Must be willing to work extra hours when there are operational needs, such as weather delays
Ability to work rotating shifts including weekends, holidays and days-off
Prior Airport Services experience preferred
Knowledge of company policies and procedures, applicable SABRE and other functional automation knowledge
Must fulfill FAA criminal background checks to qualify for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas (SIDA), if applicable
Must be able to secure appropriate airport authority and/or US Customs security badges, if applicable
Must be able to become certified Ground Security Coordinator (GSC), if applicable
* This job is subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing.  Your previous employers will be contacted to verify if you had any DOT drug violations and/or refusals to test for drugs or alcohol in the previous two year period.  Your DOT required urine specimen will be tested for the following substances: Cocaine, Marijuana, PCP, Amphetamines and Opiates.
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